3D Lidar Sensors Enable Accurate Scanning and Reduced Costs

Automated Tolling provides toll booth companies with a number of very challenging problems including aiming cameras, triggering RFID scanners, counting the number of axles on an incoming vehicle, identifying hitched trailers and categorizing vehicles based on size. The current solutions to these challenges requires multiple technologies and sensors for each lane of traffic and inductive ground loops which are easy to damage and expensive to replace.

Today’s low-cost high-resolution 3D lidar sensors enables the accurate scanning and advanced classification of objects at highway speeds and will reduce costs related to the number of sensors needed and replacing the need for outdated technologies like ground loops.

At-Speed Vehicle Counting

MechaSpin Transportation Image

MechaSpin has developed algorithms to detect, track, and count vehicles at highway speed for tolling applications.

Vehicle Classification

MechaSpin Transportation Image

Using powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithms, MechaSpin has developed the capability to classify vehicles, including axel counting for tolling applications.

Ground Loop Replacement

MechaSpin Transportation Image

MechaSpin’s vehicle detection and tracking algorithms can be used to replace traditional ground loop installations, reducing cost and complexity while improving reliability.

Traffic Signal Control

MechaSpin Transportation Image

MechaSpin’s powerful vehicle detection, tracking, and classifying algorithms enable intelligent control of traffic signal devices such as stoplights, vehicle checkpoints, pedestrian crossings, and more.

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