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Sensor Agnostic Real-Time Software

MechaSpin's MSx Processing Engine enables real-time solutions to challenging machine perception, classification and object recognition problems. The MSx Processing Engine allows MechaSpin to quickly field solutions for complex industrial perception problems. It is built to be sensor agnostic and works with data from a large variety of sensors and vendors.

Designed and optimized to run on the latest GPU-accelerated hardware from Nvidia, it offers a robust and cost effective solution to a multitude of applications and industries.


  • Sensor-agnostic processing
  • Accelerated development and deployment of your solution
  • Robust and validated algorithms
  • Industrial Protocols for easy integration
MechaSpin MSx Features

Key Features

  • Multiple Sensor Fusion: Calibration of multiple sensors with overlapping fields of view and analysis of larger aggregate larger field of views
  • Object Tracking: Real-time recognition of objects in the sensor field of view, measurement of object dimensions and tracking object position and velocity
  • Object Classification: Using Artificial Intelligence to classify objects to known and unknown types
  • People Tracking: Classification of objects as people and tracking the object's position and velocity
  • Collision Avoidance: Recognizing imminent collisions and providing alerts to operators and equipment
  • Feature Matching: Recognition of key features or attributes of an object in the sensor output, classification or tracking of that key feature in the sensor output
  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM): Position and orientation estimation for mobile platforms using one or more sensors
  • Material Inspection: Comparing object geometry to known good geometry to identify defects such as damage, misalignment, out-of-tolerance and more
  • Navigation: Providing real-time feedback of feature locations for correction of mobile platform navigation and control
  • Industrial Protocols: Support for a variety of industrial output protocols such as Analog I/O, Digital I/O, RS-232 Serial, Robotic Operating System (ROS), J1913 CAN bus, Allen Bradley PLC Tags, Modbus PLC Tags, RabbitMQ Messaging, TCP, UDP and more.

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