Advanced 3D Lidar Detects Incoming Hull and Optimizes Mooring

MechaSpin Maritime Barge Image

Our customers at Cavotec USA and Oceaneering needed a system that would have full control of their MooreMaster System’s massive robotic arms to manage positioning and force for ship to ship mooring in the marine environment. Using advanced 3D Lidar sensing technology and the MSx Processing Engine, MechaSpin’s team of engineers developed, tested and delivered a solution that detects the features of the incoming hull and autonomously indicates the optimal attachment point successful mooring.

Maritime Lidar Applications & Benefits:

  • Increase Survey Efficiencies
  • Total Asset and Environment Awareness
  • Measure in 3D, Manage 4D
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Environmental Surverys
  • Marine Habit Surveys
  • Leak Detection
  • Asset Integrity
  • Personal Safety

Maritime Vehicle Dynamics

MechaSpin has developed a system that can detect and track a maritime vessel in motion due to wave dynamics. The system outputs the 3 degrees of freedom position, surge, sway and heave orientation and 3 degrees of freedom velocity of the maritime vessel in real-time.

Man Overboard

MechaSpin has developed technologies that can be used to detect and alert operators for Man Overboard events. Multiple sensor fusion and automated detection and classification of object enables rapid and accurate response to any man overboard event.

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