Port & Terminal

Increase Traffic Efficiency and Reduce Processing Times

A port is defined as an area on both land and water, whether on the sea or river, that provides facilities for shipping vessels to load and unload their cargo.

We have developed Advanced Collision Avoidance Systems for Rubber Tire Gantry (RTG) Cranes and other heavy machinery. Our MSx Processing Engine allows data to be analyzed in real-time to determine proximity of Rubber Tire Gantry Cranes in relation to workers and other equipment up to 60 meters away. These systems alert operators when these assets are with the safe operating distance.

MechaSpin Provides Solutions on Both Sides of the Operation

On the Water

In barge terminals across the world operations managers face the same problems caused by the danger, lack of accuracy and lack of consistency related to the barge surveying process. MechaSpin has developed Drafteye, a volumetric measuring system that gets your surveying personnel off the barge and detects the real-time draft of shipping barges for optimal loading, draft, and tonnage calculations.


On the Land

Our customer needed to add 3D Lidar capabilities to an open-air, free standing portal to automatically capture and process containers, chassis, and trailer dater. Utilizing the MSx Processing Engine, MechaSpin's team delivered a damage inspection system to the automated gate system which provides a competitive advantage to ports and terminals looking to increase traffic efficiency, reduce processing times and complete accurate damage inspections.

Container Handling

Using powerful 3D algorithms, MechaSpin has developed systems that can detect to position and location of containers. This can be used for the automation of container handling systems and cranes to improve the efficiency and safety of container handling operations.

Damage Inspection

MechaSpin has developed algorithms powered by Artificial Intelligence to detect the presence of damage to tractors and trailers. These powerful algorithms reduce the need for manual inspection to determine the condition of ISO containers in the intermodal yard.

Vehicle Classification

MechaSpin has developed a solution to detect, track and classify vehicles, providing the capability to count and classify vehicles passing through checkpoints.

Personnel Safety

MechaSpin has developed algorithms that can detect and track personnel in proximity to large equipment and machinery. This enables the creation of keep out zones for the safe operation of equipment in dynamic environments such as intermodal yards and loading / unloading of material and containers.

Collision Warning Systems

MechaSpin has developed a whole-vehicle (360 deg) collision detection and warning system for vehicles. This system detects objects as small as 10 cm and alerts operators before a collision occurs. This system can be used either standalone (audible or visual alerts) or integrated with computer-controlled machinery to stop the machine before a collision.

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